WA Speed Traps


I-5 Kelso exit: 5 miles north of Kelso an overpass overlooking a long hill provides a perfect trap for soundbound traffic.

Eastbound I-90: Around Ellensburg, watch for aircraft. A very favorite spot for cops to make lots of money.

I-90 just west of Moses Lake: A long 30 mile straight-as-an-arrow stretch of asphalt. The state patrol frequently uses aircraft in this area. Watch for big marks along the roadway.

I-90 near Issaquah: Watch out as you are coming from the east (westbound towards Seattle). The state patrol loves to nail people zooming down from Snoqualmie Pass.

I-5 Federal Way to Fife (north and southbound): A favorite hang-out for the state patrol, they love to hang-out under the overpasses on this 5-mile stretch.

I-405 southbound under the bridge at the northern SR-527 interchange: Usually motorcyle cops, sometimes cruisers with K-band radar.

City of Federal Way

Ø Eastbound 356th street as you approach 1st Avenue
Ø North/Southbound on 21st Avenue
Ø Westbound 320th Street as you approach 1st Avenue
Ø Westbound 348th Street as you approach 1st Avenue
Ø Northbound Hoyt Rd SW
Ø Norpoint Rd (both up and down the hill)