Internships: The stepping stone to a successful career


Internships: The stepping stone to a successful career | My Turn - Federal Way Mirror

Internship Reunites AL and ALY Grads

Herman Brewster IV, AL '12 & Jordan Crahan, ALY '12 at the law office

Herman Brewer IV, AL '12
and Jordan Crahan, ALY '12 met in December 2011, when they were paired up during Servant Leadership Day, the only AL/ALY joint session each year.  "It was a wonderful day," Herman remembers, "one of my favorites."


As they got to know each other, they quickly discovered an important common bond, recounted by Jordan: "When he found out I was interested in becoming a lawyer and in running my own business that became the topic of our conversation for most of our time together. I really appreciated his willingness to share about his experiences in those areas, as well as his leadership experiences and his time in the program."


At the end of the day, Herman - who owns the Law Office of Herman C. Brewer IV, LLC - encouraged Jordan to stay in touch. "We kept in touch mainly via email, I would periodically email him with questions about the legal field, the law, etc.," Jordan told us. "Herman would respond with answers to my questions or resources I could explore on my own that would help me learn."


Jordan graduated high school and started college at Western Washington University.  This spring, he asked about the possibility of a summer internship, something they had discussed back in 2011. "I informed him it was a good time, but nothing would be given to him. He would have to apply, interview, and compete with other applicants for the position," explains Herman. "Jordan completed an application, writing, sample, and interview. His credentials were off the chart. He also received positive reviews from all his recommendations."


Herman and Jordan are currently working together during the summer, and Herman says that if it works out well, he will extend the offer of a continuing paid internship during all of Jordan's school breaks.  They both credit Advancing Leadership as the catalytic experience that brought them together and prepared them for this innovative, win-win experience. As Jordan puts it, "The ALY program empowered me to pursue leadership opportunities that would help develop me as a person, and achieve my goals - this internship is a great example of that. ALY changed my life."


Herman encourages other AL alumni to extend similar opportunities to youth. "Be flexible, be open minded, and make a difference in a young person's life by giving them valuable early work experience." Advancing Leadership salutes Herman for leading the way!


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